Saturday, July 17, 2010

Judgement Day

Let your guilt be your redemption
For all the judgementalism
For all the hate without a reason
For presuming without knowing
Using your insecurity to bracket
Slotting, categorizing and not giving a chance
Lest all assumptions fall apart

Do not psychoanalyse last words
It’s demeaning to the means and the end
Were it that simple to decrypt -
That straightforward and in your face
It would not be ever written
If nothing else, grant the last respect
Of continuing enigma -
Unsullied by mundane interpretations

Martyrs of Suffering

How proud are we of our Suffering?
Do we wear it with a flourish?
Hoist high the crown of thorns
And place it venerably on our heads.

Does our chest swell with pride?
As we neither flinch nor wince
And hear the sighs of wonder
At our valour and stoic ness

Do we compare the thorns?
And see if mine prick harder
And compete in a pageant of pain
To see who emerges stronger?

Do we silently mock?
As we wipe others’ tears
Scoffing at their softness
While whispering soothing ayes?

Ek Haazari

Ek haazari ki mohtaaj hai jannat,
Jannat ka bhi kya kasoor?

Mizaaz hi hon jahaan par rookhe,
Hawa ke rukh ka kya kasoor?

Khud ki chod aaye dehleez par jaan,
To kaatil ka bhi kya kasoor?

Fitrat hi ho jab mezbaan,
Raat ka bhi kya kassor?

Betakkaluf hain sannata jahaan,
Wahaan lafzon ka bhi kya kasoor?

De chaahein daleelein bekasoori,
Behaazari ki hai sazaa!

Ilzaam ka jab ho muqaddar,
Wakeel ka bhi kya kasoor?