Thursday, July 30, 2009

Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall

Some things in life have to be done.
Like writing this post inspite of the pile of work staring back unblinkingly at me.

I had decided that the next post from me would involve more soul searching - 'Rivers of Blood' or 'Hegemony of the Parrots' (courtesy S.D., thank you!) or some other excruciatingly informational piece, a marked departure from my usual zero-use policy for posts (why does everything have to have a 'use'?!).

To get back to my meandering narrative again, however.

It was late in the night. My mind heavy with the 'smoky', 'marijuana monologues' of Sankalp. The last thing I should have attempted was Badminton. At midnight. After light years. And try playing it with the flair of a three time kindergarten champion (which also I never was). At peak, 'hanging around' time. To an almost full capacity crowd.
Perfect recipe for unforgettable embarrassment.

With a flourish I picked up the racquet. Eyed the approaching shuttle with eagle-like concentration.Worked out complex trignometric-elevation, wind-velocity drag, projectile equations in a nanosecond. And with full confidence and dexterity whacked the plastic out of the shuttle.
Had it been cricket, it would have been a poetic four.

Never one to give up, I got back into position with reinforced determination to prove my athleticism. The shuttle whizzed towards me - silent and sinister. In a split second, my brain decided THE strategy to win this battle was 'shock and awe'. (I wish the brain would stop being so anarchist in its ideology and take my self's feeling and esteem into consideration on such suicidal policy decisions). I found the feet spinning around my centre of gravity in frictionless 'jootis' . Simultaneously, my nimble arms flayed wildly at the shuttle and I found myself diving into a graceless aerodynamic trajectory, ending with a smooth landing by slithering a few humiliating inches on the court. Spin, fly, dive, slide.

If this was a circus, it would have been the most acrobatic and popular act. With all the peeping Toms staring out of Palaash windows, and the laughing hynaes on the courtyard benches, it was instant celebritydom.

Atleast I now have an answer to the cliched interview question - 'What was your most embarrassing moment'. Summer placements? Bring 'em on!