Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fairy Tales

It's a competitive world. And Prince Charming doesn't have it so easy these days.
Nor do the Cindrellas, brought up on Barbies and fairy tales. So the Cindrellas grow up fixated with size zero and a Prince who can just not do enough to prove himself to be the one.

Holding the glass slipper right and gazing romantically into Cindrella's eyes is just not enough. She would want him to say a snarky line or two and sweep her off her feet with his ready wit and just before she completes the dizzying fall, twirl her by waist and the glass slipper slides into her foot. Oh, and Calvin and Hobbes would not hurt. Nor would some Mozart and Michael Jackson, and if you could moonwalk, wouldn't that be so awesome too. Of course, the Prince is tall, dark/fair (as per the modern day Cindrella) and handsome. His ready repartee just witty enough to bring out her feminine wiles.

You know what the fairy Godmother forgot to tell Cindrella? She gave her the carriage and the dress. She just forgot to tell her how to find the Prince in the ball attended by all the princes and princesses of the neighboring kingdoms. How is she to know who is Prince right?

You think the wicked wolf of the fairy tales comes with foot-long fangs and smelly fur? Sheep skin is passe! Someone tell the modern Cindrellas that the wolves now come in the suave garb of the "supposed" fairy tale man - humor, wit, looks all in tow. And later then unsurprisingly, heartbreak.

Can someone tell little girls as they grow up, that sterling men come with lesser flash and more substance? Can someone tell them that they won't floor you instantly with chemistry and endorphins but slowly and steadily with rock-solid character that'll give you a life long kick dopamine would never in a split second moment!

Will the real Prince Charming please stand up? Nyaah, Cindrella, you'll have to learn that all that glitters is not gold. And all those who stand up at the call are simply pompous asses. Prince Charming was never so self congratulatory.

Un Anno

one year
Thank you.
You turn my world around and make it bearable by just being you.
I see around me depravity and turmoil, you give me strength and clarity. I am learning to cope.
You do so  much being so far away, am I wrong in wondering what magic your presence will weave?
Near or far, you are my key to sanity; my key to a world of love and trust. A world whose existence I was learning to doubt. A world I saw falling to pieces all around me.
Thank you for restoring my belief in all that I valued and held so dear.
Thank you, for being you.

To many more years of togetherness.