Saturday, July 17, 2010

Judgement Day

Let your guilt be your redemption
For all the judgementalism
For all the hate without a reason
For presuming without knowing
Using your insecurity to bracket
Slotting, categorizing and not giving a chance
Lest all assumptions fall apart

Do not psychoanalyse last words
It’s demeaning to the means and the end
Were it that simple to decrypt -
That straightforward and in your face
It would not be ever written
If nothing else, grant the last respect
Of continuing enigma -
Unsullied by mundane interpretations


  1. Landed on your profile during one of my random searches on orkut using the keywords "theoretical physics". (I have a near-dead account on orkut that lets me download L.Shankar's music.) I am not into social networking otherwise.

    I happened to pen a poem a long time back that shares the same title as this one. I didn't understand your poem, to be frank. I really liked your views on Prince Charming and Cinderella though... if only every woman realized that.. sigh.


  2. Hi Arun!

    Don't know if you'll ever land here again.. (though your search speaks volumes about Google's search engine :D)

    I wrote this when someone died. Guess, just writing whatever first comes to mind does make it kindda cryptic to understand!

    Thank you for leaving a comment though :)

  3. Hi,

    Another moment of randomness. This time I was googling on my own profile name.

    The intensity in your poem held something within its grip, a past. Sorry, I didn't mean to rekindle that past.


  4. Hi,

    I didn't know you'd "been" landed here again by Google. I must say my thanks to them and find the keywords from you :D

    Let's see you Google some more erratic stuff again sometime!